About the Belgian bid for the European Medicines Agency

The Brussels Greater Area

Belgium is proud to launch its bid to host the European Medicines Agency

Centrally located in the heart of Europe and close to the current headquarters of the European Medicines Agency, the Brussels Greater Area provides the ideal conditions for a swift and smooth transition.

Whilst the proximity to London and the excellent connectivity will ensure business continuity during the transition phase, the Brussels Greater Area also offers a stable and welcoming environment for the European Medicines Agency to develop its critical operations. The outstanding quality of life for which the Brussels Greater Area is known will be appreciated by the European Medicines Agency’s staff and their families. The Brussels Greater Area can offer them a reliable healthcare system, an affordable and varied real estate market, a large choice of international schools and ample employment opportunities for family members, among other things.

Belgium provides a perfect breeding ground for the European Medicines Agency to develop. The central location, first-rate connectivity and large availability of conference venues and hotel rooms at affordable prices are key in ensuring the numerous visitors of the European Medicines Agency can participate in its meetings and seminars on a cost and time-efficient basis. The cluster effect due to the proximity of EU institutions facilitates dialogue, reduces travel expenses and promotes synergies.

The bid of the Brussels Greater Area is cemented by Belgium’s strong reputation for R&D and innovation as well as the presence of a strong pharmaceutical sector. With over 5% of the global output of pharmaceuticals being developed in Belgium, the country is a pharmaceutical powerhouse and knowledge centre. Protecting human and animal health is a continuous concern requiring the European Medicines Agency’s continuous attention. Belgium can guarantee a swift and smooth relocation so as to ensure that critical operations of the European Medicines Agency can be maintained throughout and immediately after the transition period.

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